Our Parish

The Parish covers around 590 hectares and is characterised as a lowland mixed agricultural landscape with settlement distributed along the corridor the A284 Lyminster Road and around the Crossbush Junction of the A284 with the A27 and down Crossbush Lane.Agricultural fields are typically bounded by hedgerows and hedgerow trees with tributaries of the River Arun generally flowing from east to west with the
Black Ditch forming the southerly boundary of the Parish.
The Parish is located between Littlehampton to the south and the historic town of Arundel and the South Downs National Park to the north.
A new by pass is planned for the Parish which will travel to the east of the village of Lyminster before rejoining the existing road and then the A27 which will also be realigned to cross the Parish.
A mid 2017 experimental statistics report from the office of National Statistics showed that the parish had an estimated population of 385. Of these 45.45% were male and 54.55 were female. This is in line with the national average. 57.91% were in the working age bracket (16-64).